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Hate is a really strong word and most cliches have a time & place where they work well. The problem seems to be the story that tries to fit as many as they can in every episode. With that in mind, here are the cliches that are over used to where they aren't nearly as fun anymore.
Fan Service I enjoy fan service if it is done in moderation and the series doesn't ruin itself with providing it. Several times a great series has killed its chances of another season by forcing the fan service, notably Rosario Vampire. Season 1 had a good mix of plot, character development, pacing and fan service. In season 2, it seemed that fan service drove the plot resulting in a mediocre show that will likely never see season 3. Other major offenders are Prison School, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Infinite Stratos & Walkure Romanze. Although I enjoyed all of them, the fan service took away from the series a little.
The Hot Springs/Beach/ Pool Trip It started out that you usually had 1 of these, now it seems obligatory to fit all 3 in each season. The only time all 3 worked was in a series that made fun of the entire "anime cliche requirements"( Pool trip, check. Obligatory beach day, check. I guess that means we'll be going to the hot springs soon.). I wish I could remember the series tho... I won't complain about the Bleach beach trip because I honestly enjoyed seeing Rangeku & Yoruichi in bikinis. Didn't add anything to the series & was 100% filler but Yoruichi....
Nose Bleeds The only people that could pull off multiple nose bleeds every episode we're Muttsurini from Baka Test & Chitose Ikeda from Yuri Yuri. Like everything else, the writers have destroyed the novelty by overuse.
back one is smiling
dugtrio was..shocked
nose bleeds are just down right hilarious