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Hyun Bin recently revealed in an interview with @star1 that he “wasn’t able to really contact anyone” while serving his enlistment with the Korean Marines. He went on to say, “Although I had little to no opportunity to talk to anyone, I was at least able to speak with Jang Dong Gun,” revealing the close friendship between the two celebrities. He also said, “Just having Dong Gun there was a learning opportunity for me, especially when I was with senior officers. Being able to learn on the spot has been particularly helpful.” Netizens who read of the close friendship between the two celebrities commented, “Seeing as how Hyun Bin mentioned Jang Dong Gun, he must have a lot of affection for him”, “Wow I didn’t know they were close” and “I just want to see Hyun Bin already!” Source:
Ah ha! So, he does have something new going on. Excellent. Can't wait! @MasriDaniela Yeah, that's a great drama, sis. Definitely one a lot of people have seen. :D
a really great actor I completed Secret Garden 2 days ago he was damn good a verry verry good dr.
@winterlovesong, good day! wow! from a great director to versatile actor.looking forward about this project. Thank you,again!
@cri14335 have you heard that he has a new movie project? Here!
Miss him in drama..
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