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for some reason I find Jimin's feet to be really adorable
it might be because they look tiny and cute....
I mean look at how cute they are his feet fit him perfectly because he's so cute too..
but I defiantly noticed them when Jungkook said something about his feet. lol PS I don't have a foot fetish nothing wrong with that I'm normally discussed with feet unless they are baby feet.
does anyone else think the same about Jimin's cute little feet?? I feel like weirdo talking about his feet haha
OMG YASSS! I was having a conversation about his adorable feets just the other day! @lovetop @JiyongLeo @KwonOfAKind @catchyacrayon @BBxGD. See... I'm not a weirdo.
I have a thing for hands, but this night I think I might have made a small exception. His feet are pretty. not many feet are.
@MandyNoona i have a thing for hands too especially fingers
and this is how we all know we are in way to deep
Jimin is a ball of cuteness but i did notice his feet were cute when Kook pointed them out 馃槄
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