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Dear Self, Did you ever think that the things that people were saying to you.. Are in fact, True? Maybe you should believe that you are actually strong. Did you ever think you judge yourself too much? How about the fact that you are... Yes YOU ARE.. Your own worst critic. Remember those sleepless nights that you have? Similar to this one you are having.. Right at this moment? You know why you probably have them? I'll remind you, future self.. It's because you believe that you can do everything and change everything that is NOT in YOUR control. You will read this in a couple of days, weeks, months or some type of measurement of time and then remember. You will say, "Oh, yeah" and remember that you wrote this to give yourself or another a boost. You know that mean streak you have? That no remorse thing.. The thing that you do, when you put some words together and shoot it out your mouth as an nuclear bomb. Yeah, you know this move.. You did it not too long ago. It's called your defense mechanism. You are either scared, having a panic attack or someone actually got under your skin, in a good way. Remember.. Not everyone is trying to hurt or drag you down. People actually WANT to be YOUR friend. When you look in the mirror, you totally hate what the medication for your transplant has done to you physical and mentality. Let me remember you, that you were close to death. Yeah, knock knock.. And then you got the call that changed your life.. For the good. If people can't deal with your changes, then maybe they should not be apart of your life. Your second chance. Most likely you should have tossed them off the map from before. People can be very toxic and that does no part of you any good. The feeling of "being closed in". You are actually not.. Take a breath and look around. You are not trapped. You can do anything you want at anytime. You run the life you were given not no one else. Open the window, feel the breeze....you hold yourself back. You can follow the wind and feel good about it. When you do read this.. Get ready because, you will be writing another log to yourself.
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