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What's up my fellow CARATS!!!

ChelseaJay here with a new Screenshot Game series called 'A Date with Seventeen' that will take place this quarter.

It will be a 13 card series featuring your boys!

Things you should know: - This series will be posted once a week on Thursdays. - Each member's date will different. - The dates will be in order from youngest to oldest.
(If you are male and would like the future games to have the option of male clothing then please let me know.)
If you've played Screenshot Games on Vingle before then feel free to skip this tutorial, but if you're new then follow these simple instructions:
1) Screenshot each gif in the following sections. 2) View your results. 3) Post your results in the comments or make your own card and tag me in it. 4) Write a story based on your results.* *Story time is optional but encouraged.

Now let's get this date started!

Where will your date take place?

1) Amusement Park. 2) Arcade. 3) Mall. 4) Laser Tag Arena.

What will you wear?

Will you hold hands?

What will you get at the end of your date?

Where will our date take place? The mall. What will you wear? A really cute casual outfit consisting of ripped jeans, a pink top and some nice ass blank chunky heels with banging makeup and accessories. Will you hold hands? Yes. What will you get at the end of your date? A hug. Whew! I am so glad that my date was completely innocent. I'm 22, going on 23, and Lee Chan is 17. Hand holding is as far as I was willing to go and we had an amazing hug at the end.

The questions:

1. Where will your date take place? 2. What will you wear? 3. Will you hold hands? 4. What will you get at the end of your date?
Now, I know this is short and tame but Dino is not of legal age so I chose to keep his date simple and clean. Future dates will have more options and 'naughtier' choices, though not too naughty.

That being said, I hope you have fun playing!

Peace out, CARATS!

@AimeeH, you poor thing! --- Officer, we got a Cougar over here! *sirens blaring in the distance* What the fuck, is that who I think it is? *UNIQ comes in and grinds on the floor while singing EOEO* ... *blank stare* okay then *grabs a seat and the popcorn* Aimee let's enjoy the show.
@mrsjeon lol thats fine. it was a very cute outfit.
@KellyOConnor we were so lucky.
@ChelseaJay Lmao I am dead!! But Sungjoo needs to grind on me preferably . . . But hey the floor is good too! XD
The outfit with shorts Arcade Yes to hold hands and he kissed me on the cheek. . . *bars clanking in the distance*
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