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100% and Teen Top performed Park Nam Jung's Immortal Song - Drawing You! The collaboration between the two groups' best vocalists awed the audience and brought them the #1 Trophy!! Comments left by k-netizens (from netizebuzz) 1. [+149, -31] They were indeed great ㅎㅎ with two lead vocals ㅎㅎㅎ I think they chose the right songs, too... and our oldies were awesome as well ♥ Made me nostalgic for my teen years 2. [+132, -30] So did they gather the best vocalists from both sides? I knew they'd win because they sang great live despite dancing and had great voices too! ㅎㅎ 3. [+153, -73] Niel really is someone we all should be looking forward to! Check out the performance and see for yourself :D
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<3<3<3 amazing performance they deserve the win 100%