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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher hadn't come public with their relationship when Mila went on Ellen to talk about her new film.

Ellen is leads her closer and closer to admitting it without directly asking and when Mila realizes where it is going it's too late. She just freezes and blushes and blubbers and.

Start at 1:15 to see her turn red knowing she can't avoid the question anymore!

"So how long has it been since you last talked to him?"

"Oh you know...give or take a couple minutes"

"You are in so much trouble, Ellen"

I personally don't really pay attention to celebrity couples but moments like this makes me appreciate how they must be so excited about this person they love but how much they want to protect it and keep it secret.

Mila was a really good sport about it and I'm so happy to see how happy they still make each other!

i ship them.
Sorry... I personally don't care for Mila. No offense to anyone. :)
The old 70's Show couple is back together! Yay!!!!
Mother of tags 馃槀 and also idk any of them peeps