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If you thought nails couldn't get anymore drastic, Mexico had other plans in mind. While many women like to keep it simple when it comes to their nails, women south of the border have a new found trend they're currently raging about and it's nothing like you would imagine. While we all happen to be familiar with gel and acrylic manicures, Mexican woman are bringing a little something called 'scorpion manicures' to the salons -- and yes, whatever you happen to be thinking is probably more or less accurate.
This trend came about last year after a scorpion connoisseur and her friend who happened to own a nail salon decided to the create the unique, yet dangerous trend. Although the scorpions are killed before being applied to the nail, women who undergo this nail routine are still capable of possible side effects including swelling, increased heart beat and even death. While you have to be a huge scorpion lover or extremely adventurous to give this manicure a try, you would be surprised how many women are already hooked on this trend. Keep scrolling to check out the video below giving you a first hand look. Disclaimer: the video below is in Spanish

Are you adventurous enough to give the scorpion manicure a try?

this seems cruel, if it was furry there would be outrage, just because it's an insect doesn't mean it's life is worth nothing. a good artist could draw or someone could make a transfer
I'd do something crazy like neon yellow lol
Oh wow! That sounds pretty fly @primodiva93
I'm not gonna lie it's a Kool idea but what's wrong with fake or drawn on? Why must the kill them in the name of beauty? This reminds me back in the day when real birds were being slaughtered for their feathers for women's hats.
I'm daring enough to try it once. lol
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