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Living with the opposite sex can be a beautiful disaster. Whether you have siblings, a roommate or a significant other, you probably know better than anyone else. From leaving the toilet seat up to leaving dishes in the sink, we've seen it all. Living with someone of the opposite sex is definitely what you make it, so it's up to you to make ends meet and make the most of such an experience.
You can either luck up and live with someone who happens to be a neat freak or on the flip side, you can not be so lucky and live with a slob. Men and women are extremely different, yet we share so many characteristics. If you've ever lived with the opposite sex, or you simply need a chuckle to brighten up your day -- keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Have you ever lived under the same roof with someone of the opposite sex?

What was the experience like?
It's my favorite! Me and my roommate from last year used to sit in the living room and binge watch all those survival cooking shows together.
How could you not want to watch anything on the Food Network, guy?!
RIGHT!!! I love the food network @danidee
Never had this experience haha but the shedding true.
@jordanhamilton the cleaning thing just depends on the person, really. I've met guys who were very clean and some who were not.
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