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oh what's that Jackson? "I already said we are going to Grand Prairie, TX on July 1st. " what if I can't go to that one?.... "then on July 3rd we are going to Chicago, IL" oh but that's farther and I have things to do.... "aish then on July 5th we are going to New York, NY. " oh well that's not bad but what's next? "well on July 8th we are going to Atlanta,GA." okay I get it.... anything else? "last one. " do tell. "July 10th we are going to Los Angeles, CA. " nice! "yeah please go please I wanna see you there... " "what's going on?" mark! "telling her the concert dates and where they are. " yeah~ "oh right please go it would be awesome to see you there. and don't forget this is our F-" yeah I know I mean who doesn't. its your FLY IN USA concert. "good girl" "aww" haha~
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