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some pics i had in my phone
Awesome pic NAKAMA!!
yeah he is but its gonna take a couple weeks cause hiro is gonna go back on sabos back story i think ill just read the manga i dont know @DevilsSon
ACE IS HOT DX *CRIES* I LOVE THAT ASSHOLE (especially when he was a kid) XD
Lol I always watch the seasonal 12-13 episode releases and keep up with them along with the usual OP Naruto fairy tail and lengthy releases and I usually watch 2-4 off my to watch list as well so I always have like 20-30+ on my current watching aka binge list haha. I usually watch about 85-100 days worth of anime each year. Around 300-350 different animes completed yearly and about 6,000+ episodes watched a yr and that's not including all the rewatches I do yearly lol. I'm a sucker for anime binging on my days off and breaks from college!! Def my fav pastime
@LuffyNewman holy crap thats alot of anime watched
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