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Who misses 'Chun-derella' from Family Outing? I definitely do! But he ain't look bad with this image either.
Miss him and how he was always being bullied! Family Outing the good ol' time :(
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hey tks so much for this. You sure know my taste for guys wz single eyelids. ; )
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@oj1992 haha one doesn't need double-eyelid to be sexy ;)
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@chasinghapiness Omg, Family Outing was sooo funny with him. There's this one clip that I watch all the time. It was so damn funny. Maybe I'll post it one of these days. @oj1992 @winterlovesong I agree! There's nothing wrong with their eyes. He looks great.
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@Yinofyang please post and link me!yayy!! I sure have to watch the show again someday... Daesung and Jaesuk were an adorable pair too ^^
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