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If you're a fan of freckles, you'll love this.

Growing up, I didn't want anything more than I wanted a face full of freckles. I thought freckles were gorgeous and to this day I still think they're extremely flattering. A few years ago, I even took it as far as drawing on faux freckles and believe it or not they looked great. I realized that I wasn't blessed with freckles and I just had to accept the fact and move on with life.
While I've moved on from the idea of ever having freckles of my own, I still find myself basking in the beauty of anyone who happens to have a face full. With that being said, I ended up stumbling across a beauty on Instagram who took her makeup skills to the next level by creating her own depiction of beautiful freckles in living color. By coordinating her lipstick and eyeshadows each day, she also managed to make her freckles match as well. Talk about creativity coming to live. If you're a fan of freckles and want to see them in an array of colors, keep scrolling and check out the images below.

What do you think about this form of creative expression?

I love it!
to be honest, not a fan of the look. Looks like mud splatter :/
I'm jealous of her pale skin馃槏
cool for at home or events but I can't see my wearing it out!
looks cool馃槝
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