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Actor Hyun Bin revealed why he shed tears at his discharge site, and called the incident a “failed plan.” Embarrassed about it, he explained to @star1 Magazine, “It was a failed plan. I couldn’t control it. Inside I told myself that even if the situation were to occur, I would not cry. But the tears just came out unconsciously.” The actor also revealed that he was overwhelmingly glad to be back where he belonged which is why he had shed tears. Hyun Bin added, “Honestly I had a longing for acting. I think my body had realized it before my head.” Source: Awwwww softie you can cry all you want! Why did you even have to hold yourself back?
how sweet... i love Hyun Bin ! One of my biases, aside from Lee Min Ho. i hope he does a TV drama soon.
Awww, I love him. I cannot wait to see his next project.
@thatdramalover those dimples are to die for. I love guys with dimple ^^
I swear those dimples. So glad to have u back oppa, I hope u get all the roles u go for.
be strong Oppa :)) 'Dramas' might be the most suited for you.. Aja Aja fighting !! ^^
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