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Does anyone have kpop dreams and would like to share them with me? Im curious. I've had three. 1.I had one of B.A.P. It was in December and yes I remember it lol. We were all having a snow ball fight and all laughing and smiling. Then Yongguk hugged me from behind. Then I turned my head around to look at him and smile and he kisses me >///< and then I woke up because I had to pee xD 2. I was dating Dok2. He had teleportation powers. He would teleport back and forth from Seoul to my room and then it got Rated R lmao 3. This was lastnight but I had a dream I met BTS some where. Me and Namjoon took a picture with a huge a snake. The rest stayed away in the background epsecially Hoseok he stayed farther away and clung to Jungkook and they all did peace signs
@shadowCYRMBBCL I do that too. my frist fanfic that I wrote with Kim Woo Bin is was always dreaming oh the next chapter or how to finish the chapter.
@jimin21abs awwww im sorry
one I had was I met Jungkook at the airport and he was trying to talk to me in English but it wasn't very good but he kept trying. he had to leave and his translator was getting annoyed so they left. I heard him say wait and then he asked for my number then I woke up and cried bc it wasn't real
I once had a dream about Exo and Luhan, Kris, and Tao were there. I was dating Tao and Kris kept trying to ruin our relationship. When Tao and I were about to kiss goodbye because he was going back to China to have a comeback. My parents woke me up. And Exo was in the background the whole time
I've had a few, one I wrote a story with. The others have been just random. Like I was depressed for awhile and I slept a really long time, and it allowed me to have a vivid dream about meeting SHINee. That I met them in American not Japan or South Korea. Even though I wont meet them, through a fan engagement, they are coming to Chicago and that's good enough for me. I also had one with Eunhyuk but that one scared me so I try not to think about it.
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