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Oh, whoops, it’s just the July cover of Geek Magazine that finds Lee Jin Wook, the Nine: Nine Time Travels actor, between the legs of a model. It’s provocative, to say the least. The hair is up, the grease has been applied, and the expression is that of sheer desire. This is sure to get people talking! I started watching Nine this weekend (and finished the whole series while ignoring my sleep and meals) and I have to say Jin Wook is one of those that get more attractive as you watch him! (He isn't certainly the love-at-first-sight materials). Is any Vingler watching that show as well?
@yinofyang please let me know when you do! the plot twist is really good I totally didn't expect it coming.
@winterlovesong Wow, really? Now, I really want to watch it. :D
@Yinofyang please do because it is SO good (and underrated). I had to to a drama marathon because I just couldn't stop watching. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Ah, he's definitely handsome. He looks quite manly in that photo. I'm not, but I am going to also check this one out!