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Kookie wae xD -- I was inspired by @amobigbang (original) who was inspired by a fellow ARMY to make these (:

♡ Have fun! ♡


If you want more, let @amobigbang or me know!

More BTS Scenario Games

Hope you liked them~ ^^

♡♡♡ Part 2 HERE ♡♡♡
Rm: broke my thumb Jin: fed me steak I mean, if he doesn't eat it himself Suga: danced with me I feel so special right now Jhope : gave me a hug I'm starting to get cocky Jimin: stole my jams Nvm V: swag (I only remember swag and that's good enough for me) Jungkook: calls me baby If only this was true in real life
1. RM broke my teeth. (How in the world did he do that.....) 2. Jin fed me soap. (Did I say something bad?!) 3. Suga stared at me. (Something on my face dude?) 4. J-hope gives me a rock. (Diamond or regular rock?) 5. Jimin stole my pants. (Wae?!?!?!?!) 6. V thinks I'm weird. (Takes one to know one.) 7. Kookie calls me angel. (Awwwwwww!)
Namjoon broke my thumb. (😱) Jin fed me peeps. (😆) Suga poked me. (👉😑👈) Hoseok gave me insomnia. (😥) Jimin stole my shirt. (😑) Taehyung thinks I'm weird. (😏 Really shouldn't be talking) Jungkookie called me his PUPPY!!!!! (🐶 Glad to be!!!!)
Rap Monster broke my... -Wrist Jin fed me... -Sass Suga... -Serenaded me J-hope gave me... -His mix-tape Jimin stole my... -Pants V thinks I'm... -Hot Jungkookie called me... -Boo
joonie broke my pinky(i know you didn't mean it) jin fed me steak (aw thank you jin!) yoongi sat on me (really yoongi? I'm not a chair) hobie gave me a hug (aww hobie trying to make me feel better) jimin stole my jams (tough luck jimin I don't got any either!) v thinks I'm weird (you are one to talk sir!) kookie calls me jagiya (well when did that happen?!)
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