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Kookie wae xD -- I was inspired by @amobigbang (original) who was inspired by a fellow ARMY to make these (:

♡ Have fun! ♡


If you want more, let @amobigbang or me know!

More BTS Scenario Games

Hope you liked them~ ^^

♡♡♡ Part 2 HERE ♡♡♡
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Rap Mon broke my arm Jin fed me excuses Suga hugged me J-hope gave me his number Jimin stole my heart V thinks I'm nice Jungkook calls me waifu 😂
2 years ago·Reply
Rapmon broke my ankle, Jin fed me a muffin, Suga kissed me, J-hope gave me a horse, Jimin stole my swag, V thinks I'm weird, Jungkook calls me boss.
2 years ago·Reply
RM broke my brain Jin fed me peeps Suga wrong a song for me 💛 J-hope gave me chicken Jim in stole my BFF (true cuz he's her bias!) V thinks I'm full of swag Kook calls me Fruit Cup 😍
2 years ago·Reply
joonie broke my pinky(i know you didn't mean it) jin fed me steak (aw thank you jin!) yoongi sat on me (really yoongi? I'm not a chair) hobie gave me a hug (aww hobie trying to make me feel better) jimin stole my jams (tough luck jimin I don't got any either!) v thinks I'm weird (you are one to talk sir!) kookie calls me jagiya (well when did that happen?!)
2 years ago·Reply
So rap mon broke my pinky... Funny thing about that is we were pinky promising not to hurt each other haha
2 years ago·Reply