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THIS PERSON IS A GENIUS! I FREAKING LOVE HER VINES! I was on YouTube yesterday and I saw a trailer that she created and this girl has TALENT she has a GIFT. Honestly I don't even know it's a girl but I feel like EXO SEXO is a girl if she's a he then I apologize...but I feel like it's a she lol. I didn't even know she had a YouTube account. I thought she only had Vine. I found her on my recommendations under the title "4 YEARS WITH EXO??" Watch her videos and hopefully you enjoy them as I did. If you do don't forget to give her a thumbs up on her videos and subscribe.


Finding Kris

What's Mine Is Mine

Lay- The Movie

Here I Come

This one scared the shiz out of me when I watched it last night.

Vine Compilation of Exo Sexo

Not updated she uploaded it on Feb 5
This person is amazing!! They actually look like movie trailers for a movie. 😂😂 @CLAKPOP
omg these are hilarious
@JarviaKlipka I've seen these they are absolutely hilarious!
That Kyungsoo one scared me. Wow