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Alright! Here we go XD

Thoughts Before Starting Bakuon!!

I'm so ready to watch girls be badass. Please, keep the ecchi style fanservice to a minimum in this show - I just want a show about badass girls who rock it :D

Anime Details:

Title: Bakuon!!
Japanese Title:
Episodes: 12
Airing Spring 2016

Initial Impressions:

Alright, well....that was OK. I didn't love it, but I wasn't getting impatient for it to end either. If I was into motorcycles, I probably would have enjoyed that more, haha!
Anyways, I did think the characters were cute. Hane & Onse especially! I also really love the style of the art in this show - their blushy cheeks are so cute!! And the little face pop ups so we can see their expressions even when we can't see their expression, haha! So fun! And the little bits like the bow on the helmet for Lime are so cute >< Lots of cute little elements, but I wasn't super in love with the plot so far.
Speaking of plot....is Hane going to grab Lime's boobs every time they ride together? Because that's just too much. Hane is kind of....not the brightest.
I think my favorite character was the talking SubFour! I forget her name...B something, but man, was she funny! I hope she sticks around :D OH BUT ALSO I LOVED JFK's APPEARANCE! SO FUNNY!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 7
Animation: 7
Sound design: 6
Storyboard: 6
World/setting: 6
Character designs: 6
OP + ED: 7
Entertainment: 6
Voice acting: 7

Am I Going to Continue?

Not sure yet. I'll watch one or two more episodes and then go from there! (though I might have to continue just for lewd bike-chan)
I actually wanted to start this.... :'(
@arnelli HRMMMM indeed
You know what's even better than girls on motorcycles? Card games on motorcycles. 馃槑
hmmm HMMMM
@simplynick it might be for some people!!!! just....not me idt. though I like the curly haired girl a lot!
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