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Hello My St☆Rlights! Being your Resident Ken Bug for Vingle, I bring to you Awesome Fridays OF Ken to Start wrapping up your week.

This is the First Ken Bug Friday, so I am excited!!

Every Friday I will be posting gifs, pics, and videos to celebrate our Ken Bug! ♡

Ken is So Beautiful. Like I don't know if we can name men beautiful, but Ken is definitely The perfect description. One of the things I like are smiles. He has a real gorgeous smile, and I love seeing it.

His personality is wonderful, and the expressions he makes are perfect.

☆☆ I too Pterodactyl SCREAM ☆☆ Coincidence, I think not!!

I kind of want to do a different theme every week, such as highlighting certain eras, hairstyles, and etc.

If this is something you'd like to see, Drop a comment below about what you think I should highlight! ⬇

Tagging VIXXENS Mod Squad:

Tagging Requested St☆rlights For VIXX:

If you would like to be tagged in future Beautiful Vixx Cards, Drop a comment below ⬇

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@KhouYang I love Ken. he's so precious! ♡
Can you tag me? Ken is my bias wrecker. He is just so random that I can't stop loving him.
Thank you!
@EleanorKriegel No problem Darlin!