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Anime List: Top Row: Ouran High School Host Club, Uta no Prince-sama, & Amnesia. Bottom Row: Brothers Conflict & Diabolik Lovers. @friniskee
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I tried to watch conflict brothers yesterday. I'm not about that yaoi brother on brother action
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@KennethHansen they are Haruhi, who you know. I don't know the girl from Uta no Prince-sama. Heroine from Amnesia, she doesn't have an actual name. Ema from Brothers Conflict and lastly the girl from Diabolik Lovers whose name I have forgotten.
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now u just have to add dances with devils to the end of that list, have 4 devils all vying for your attention and so-called priest brother he's totally not off limits
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Hakuoki is the BEST! And why isn't Hiiro no Kakera there as well ;3;
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