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These days, I find myself following more and more beauty bloggers just to get ideas, so I might as well share them with you as I'll probably be ranting & raving about them for weeks to come!

Today's hot blogger: Helenes Jostedt!

HelenesJostedt on Instagram! She's locked in Stockholm, a makeup artist, and creates TONS of amazing looks like these to share!

This one was of my favorite recent sets she posted!

As you know, I'm dying to try some more dramatic eye styles, and I loved that she posted the break down of this one, & it looked pretty doable with the right products!
The finished look is totally stunning and the step by step she provided makes me think I might be able to figure this out for myself!!!

She also does some beautiful experimenting!

I wish I was this creative, or this good at making tutorials of sorts :D You can check out this lips look and this eye look with product lists!

Hitting follow - time for me to envy her looks daily!!!