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Hey guys! As you know, I recently made a card about the "Blood" couple when they first announced they are dating on March 11, now, I am extremely excited to announce that they are getting married! At first, it was just a rumor floating around, but , after a year of dating, the two are planning to get married on May 21, 2016. Congratulations! At first, they were just going to hold a small ceremony for their family and close friends, but now they decided not to hold a wedding ceremony and to donate the wedding fund to a charity for terminally-ill children. Originally, Goo Hye Sun came up with the donation idea, and stated "We both have agreed to spend our meaningful celebration in even a more meaningful way." Then she also showed appreciation to her husband-to-be as she said, "Ahn Jae Hyun happily agreed to my opinion to do so."
Just when you thought you couldn't love the couple any more than you do! Once again, congratulations to the lovely couple! We are hoping for many many years of happiness and love! What do you guys think? I'm personally wondering if we'll still see Hye Sun unnie in yet another white gown!
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I WAS SO SHOCKED WHEN I FOUND OUT. But I'm so happy for them!! I wish them a long and happy marriage!
Omg that is so cute they are goals lol i hope happiness and joy for them. 馃槉馃挄
Oh dear ! The best ever news that I am getting this morning . I do love both of them .Wish them happiness forever . Wish Ahn Joon will get her s wish to walk on a runaway with his beautiful daughter.
I'm so happy for them!! #BLOODFEELS
Happy for them !!!! Match made in Heaven馃挀馃挀馃挀
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