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(pictures: credits to the owner) so I WAS going to post this yesterday but something bad happen yesterday so I couldn't type or move my fingers cause they hurt but o can now. just pertend its the 7th idk. anyhoo so as you know EXO 4th aniversary was yesterday (in korea standard) but nows its Idaho standard. here are pictures enjoy!
so cute Right?
so I just had to add an ot12 GIF I couldn't i have known EXO for ever since the overdose era so I have been with them for long.
so here is so pictures I made for EXO aniversary which turned out bootaful. the second one I found it on a math paper *GAPS* so I hope you enjoy it & forgive me for not posting it yesterday! you probably will anyhoo if you see any mistakes pls tell also if you could tell anything that I could update a little that would great! TAGGING THAT FAM! @Kpopandkimchi,@Lexxcisco,@NeoisRealo,@jessicaacosta90,@Bryyyaanna,@KatelynSummerso,@nnatalieg,@PrettieeEmm,@creetheOtoku,@sammie99522,@sofiafifi,@sarngRavi & @Ioftonc16