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The much anticipated sequel to tvN’s Answer Me 1997 titled, Answer Me 1994, is reported to be in full Gyung Sang Do dialect even though the setting will be Seoul. According to the producers of the show, for Answer Me 1994, they tried to recruit actors who were able to speak in Gyung Sang Do dialect. As opposed to Answer Me 1997, where the actors spoke in Busan dialect. Producers of Answer Me 1994 told interviewers, “It is true that the Answer Me 1994 cast members are playing characters from the country. Answer Me 1997 maximized the stories from the past in Busan dialect, and 1994 will be the same in that they will be speaking with an accent.” Jung Woo and Kim Sung Gyun, who had already confirmed their appearance, as well as Go Ah Ra and Yoo Yun Suk, who are still looking over their parts, are all from Gyung Sang Do. Meanwhile, Answer Me 1994 is set to start their filming in mid-July and air their first episode in September. Source: Finally! Something definite about this show. Since they announce a sequel to Reply 1997, everything has pretty much been kept a secret. There were rumors that it would be a baseball-themed drama, yet was outrightly rejected by the production crew (personally though, I won't scratch this possibility out). The cast sounds good so far (I loveeee Jung Woo), yet they are quite different from those from the original series (They are older in age, and are actors instead of idol-actors). The only one I am a bit iffy about is Go Ahra - her acting and filmography haven't been well accepted - critically. I hope this drama will prove worthwhile. I have my faith put on the writer and production crew of Reply 1997. What do you guys think?