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Recently, U-Kiss’s Dongho confessed that he stood up several nights playing video games to show a “manly appeal.” In the episode of KBS 2’s Do Dream which will air on June 2, the star appeared and said that in order to look like a mature adult, he played games for three nights straight without sleeping. In a recent shooting of the show’s new segment called “Soul Food,” he participated in a small session with director Kwak Kyung Taek and other emcees and shared his recent concern: wants to show a manly appeal. He said, “When I appeared in KBS 2’s Invincible Baseball Team in the past, I gave a charismatic performance on stage as a singer. But even then, people seem to only spot cute side of me. It was so stressful that I couldn’t even sleep at night. Once, I walked in a shooting set feeling very tired and some people said I looked like a man. After that brief moment, I wanted to keep hearing those words so I stood up three nights in a row playing games. But I only heard people around me saying, ‘You look like a loser. Stop playing games.’” The episode also covers director Kwak sharing some interesting happenings during the shooting for movie Friend which opened in 2001. Source: STARNEWS