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It's been a year since you found out, since he told you his secret. At first you had been prying for it, but now... now you wished you didn't know anything at all. 'Another body found. All the meat has been cut off the bone like the others. It's been a year and police still can't find the culprit, but they do know it's a strong male. Stay safe and indoors at night.' You were curled up in a corner of the living room rocking back and fourth trying to calm yourself. "It's okay. it's okay." you kept repeating that phrase until the door opened. "Crap. crap. crap." You tried to stand and act as happy as you used to be, any other day was fine, but today you knew something was off, he didn't greet you... "What's wrong?" he asked ever so calmly as he approached your curled up body in the corner. "Aren't you hungry? I got some fresh meat, just for you." He emphasised the last sentence meaning you'd be in trouble if you didn't eat. But you were done with this sick game. Everytime he came back from 'hunting' as he called it, he made you eat it all... sometimes he told you their names 'Areum, Jessi, Song' if he didn't think your reaction was amusing enough, he described everything, how they looked and every detail of how he killed them. "B-b-but I'm n-not h-hungry. P-please leave me alone. Please." you begged tears streaming down your face. "Now, now, this isn't the first time you rejected my food. Remember what I told you would happen if you did it one more time?" "No, no! Please no! I'll eat tomorrow, I swear!" "No. Y/N you knew the consequence. I don't to kindly to people who don't eat my food, even after they kept prying to know what I use." He walked closer while taking out a knife from his pocket still covered in blood from earlier. "JIN, PLEASE!" "You had you're chance. Plus, how do I know you haven't called the police? It's just safer to get rid of ALL evidence." There was barely any space between the two of you now. "Goodbye, my pet." was all he said before black.
I'm sorry, but when I typed 'I swear' all that came to my head was Sistar so I had to stop and take a break because I was laughing so much. I know, I have a dark sense of humor, but I mean references... Luv u? Anyone else obsessed with Suga's voice?? I mean I love listening to all their voices, but Suga's (and V's) just kill me. Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side @mrsjeon @AimeeH @MrsJungHoseok @SofiaFifi @UnnieCakesAli @HerosBells @igotswag @ParkHwaYoung @CindyHolguin @SugaMint @Eliortiz13 @maddiedo @Ain1011 @GreciaFlores @ValerieAlissaPa @Ercurrent @JadeOwens @narutobandgeek @resavalencia
@janellym123 lmao Ya! Why did you tell me? XD I didnt want to believe it 馃槀 oh well I knew it anyways lol 馃槄
@janellym123 lol he killed you. he made you eat his victim's but since you said no....
So confused xD Just gonna pretend he killed a chicken
this was awesome - can you tag me please? 馃槉
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