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Hey guys, its FanFic Friday, so I thought I'd write a little one-shot with my UB in Seventeen. I don't see much fanfic about this adorable cutie, so I decided to write me own ^.^ Hope u enjoy! Genre: Fluff/Cute
*BEEP* *BEEP* You awoke to a loud noise that seemed to be right beside your ear. You sat up, and rubbed your eyes, trying get rid of any traces of sleep. Looking around, you realized you weren't in your bedroom, but you were sitting in the corner of the practice room in the Pledis building. "Oh, look who isn't dead after all." A voice spoke above, a little chuckle following after. A person sat next to you, and gently grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together. You looked over, and sitting there was your lovely boyfriend Jun. "How long was I asleep?" You asked, leaning your head on his shoulder, still feeling a bit drowsy. A smile made its way to Jun's face as he rested his head against your's. "Almost 3 hours. I told you to just head back to the dorm, I would meet you there after practice was done." he said. You looked at the clock. It was 2 am, and all the other members looked like they were ready to pass out. "How much longer is practice?" Jun sighed, closing his eyes. "A few hours maybe, Hoshi wants everyone to prefect this dance." Hoshi was helping Vernon get a step right, but because they Vernon was half asleep, he couldn't fix his mistakes. "Hey lovebirds! Sorry to interrupt, but we need our Jun back." Woozi called from the other side of the room. "Go to the dorm, you need to sleep." Jun said you, moving so that he was sitting in front of you. You pouted, grabbing both of his hands. "But I wanna wait for you." He smiled, leaning forward, planting a quick kiss on your lips. "I don't want you to be tired tomorrow." "Jun c'mon, we have to fix the routine!" Hoshi yelled. "I'll be there soon, ok?" Jun said to you, standing up. You sighed. "Fiiiine." you said, getting up. As you were getting your things together, you felt arms wrap around your waist from behind, and a pair of lips on your cheek. "I love you jagi ~" Jun whispered into your ear, making you smile. "I love you too."
If you haven't already heard, I'm taking requests for one-shots. They most likely won't be posted Friday, once I get a request then I'll start writing it and post it when its it's done. Just message me which band, which member, and what you want to happen. It can be cute and fluffly, or a bit dirty with smut ;) Just let me know ^-^. If you wished to be tagged in future cards, let me know. TAGGING THE ONE PERSON WHO ASKED ME TO TAG THEM WHEN I POSTED MY FIRST CARD XD @ToppDogg
OMF YAAAY YAAAAAAAY XD OKAY OKAY could u maybe do either Woozi or Hoshi ewe fluff pwease and sankyu *le hugs*
@mrsjeon of course, since its Friday, I might even be able to put it up today ^-^
can we still request ewe