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Hey guys! So, yesterday I ran across a very touching article written by kpopviral. There's a boy named Taehwan and he is a Starlight. He loves VIXX, especially Leo. He really wanted to see VIXX, but due to his muscle disease, he isn't able to move easily. His mom shared his story on Twitter, and many retweeted his story, trying to contact the concert staff to see if they could allow him in, but the concert staff kept changing their number, so it was difficult to keep in touch. Despite that, there were many people that pitched in and helped Taehwan meet the boys. This story inspired me and showed me the true power of human kindness, fandoms, family, etc.
Writer: Shey💕 @ParkHwaYoung
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@lovetop yes they do. (Shey💕)
I'm so glad he got to meet them! 😄💖💓💗
awwww i feel so happy!
Truly beautiful beings. Fan engagement at its purest. 😖😻
aw so sweet!!!