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A Certain Magical Index

I started watching this show and just had to share. With out further a due a quick rundown about the show...
the place: Academy City. Just like the name sounds a city filled with academies to teach and train just about any job or position. However a big portion is based in science and the training/ improving the ability of espers (ESP holders)
in this city you are ranked by your esper ability from level zero to 5 The players:
enter Toma Kamijo, our would be hero, a level zero who is the lowest of the low in ability. He even has to go to remedial classes. He does have a special ability in his right hand ( later dubbed the "imagine breaker") that can block any type of ability. Toma tends to get into constant trouble due to his " rotten luck" and penchant for helping damsels in distress.
Our heroine/comic relief of this show is Index Librium. A small nun from a church order with a photographic memory. She has all the grimoires of the world stored in her brain making her a target. She comes across Toma when passed out from hunger on his balcony. They become fast friends (Index may think of him as something more)
Espers are not the only powers in play, there are also sorcerers, alchemists, and angels to name a few. Toma encounters them all and fights them all usually to protect a girl. BUT one thing is for certain no one is who they seem... I have only gone through one season but it was love from the first episode. It's funny, action packed, and at times pulls on your heart strings. So in my book a MUST WATCH for any anime junkie!
PS beware the wrath of index.
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Thank you for doing this review! I came across an AMV for Railgun tge other day (using Maroon 5's Lucky Strike, SERIOUSLY EPIC) and that really piqued my interest. since the AMV was on Railgun, not Index, I wasn't sure about Index, but I'll def give it a shot now! and im even more excited about Railgun thanks to your recommendation, @ScottyRains !
index is definitely a good show. Wait tile you watch A Certain Scientific Railgun, that is where this series has its strongest points :D
@ScottyRains ah yes good ole bug zapper. I'll give it a look once I'm through with this series...so much anime so little time :/
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