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I have been listening to a lot of Celia Cruz, and this song popped onto my playlist. Here's the Queen of Salsa singing "Guantanamera" awhile back.


In 1992, Celia Cruz played a role in the film "The Mambo Kings," where she played the part of a salsa singer. In the movie, one of the songs Cruz performs is"Guantanamera."

In the video below, at 1:40 you can see Celia performing the song in "The Mambo Kings"

I loved that song. That was one my grandmother's favorite songs. I also loved Mambo Kings. It was kind of a sad movie but had a lot heartfelt moments. Thanks for sharing
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She is a beautiful woman.
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@Michi220 she def is! Most of her songs are played during the holidays at my abeulita's house
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@MelissaGarza awww. I don't know if it's my abuela's fav, but she definitely plays it a lot .. and ur welcome!
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