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Photographer Benjamin Von Wong "Another shot of three amazing dancers from the National Slovak Theater! We had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with them as part of our Von Wong does Europe tour. So far you've probably only seen the studio shot of two amazing dancers Ana and Dominic, so I figured I'd tease you a little bit with the outdoor stuff we did with these dancers. Walking around on the streets of Bratislava with a full crew of beautiful dancers drew quite the crowd. Despite the presence of a public security officer telling us that we weren't allowed to climb lamp posts, we still managed to pull off this shot by being just a little persistent! Have a great weekend guys, and stay tuned... Monday we release another video, this time of Natasha Baker! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel. Also, Erwan has a Fan Page for those of you who haven't had the chance to check it out so far! https://www.facebook.com/erwancloarecvisuals