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So a couple of days ago I was watching the Danger MV and in the beginning we can see Jungkook playing the piano...there is nothing new in this we have seen that a million times, what I didn't notice was that he was actually playing the introduction to RUN!!!! And Danger was released in 2014!!!! This got me thinking and I started observing the Danger MV carefully and I was shocked to find a lot of similarities with I Need U MV
We're all familiar with Jin hinting Dope....
I know this might seem crazy (and I'm pretty sure it is) but it can't be coincidence that both these MVs have so much in common. Has BigHit been hinting all their comebacks all along or are they just coincidences???
I was also listening to Danger (slow jam) and the intro to the song sounded eerily similar to Nevermind (I don't know I might be going crazy guys....I've had less than 3 hours of sleep)

Check out the mv's here....Do you guys see any similarities???

actually the song jungkook was playing is Propose.
Wow never knew it can be a big story throughout their songs!! Probably their new album in May has something to do with this too!! Can't wait!
WHAT? What the HELL kind of game are they trying to play here?! I'm dying over here!😫
How have I never heard that version of Danger I feel like my entire life has been a lie Big Hit what are you doing Dont make me confused. You kidding? Who do you think I am? Am I easy? ARe you playing with me? Sorry I started singing XD but seriously Big Hit is starting to get my mind completely confused I just can't with them I LOVE IT
im so done with bighit. I'm already confused and lost ...but now i feel tortured 😴😂
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