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{NC} Franchise Favorites?

Hey Nakama!

We've finished the first week of our Nakama Campfire, and already I feel like we know so much more about one another, sharing our thoughts about all things anime. It brings me back to my short-lived days as a boy scout, shooting the breeze at night over a fire.
Today's prompt?

What is your favorite anime franchise?

This might need some explanation. What I mean here by franchise is those series that are more than a single, contained anime. Like Dragon Ball has DBZ, GT, and Super for instance.

Personally, I choose the Fate Series.

There's just so much in it. I haven't seen or read quite all of it yet, and that's part of what I love about it. There's now over 25 different entires into the fate series, meaning it's one of the most expansive series ever anywhere.
Okay I started the first few episodes of zero and felt like that was earlier in the time line so I'll keep on with that one @Gibbous1992 thanks guys @InVinsybll
@SAMURXAI zero is ten years prior to stay night.
@SAMURXAI I would say zero or fate stay night for a jumping off point
Take a stab in the dark to which one I'm going to choose
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