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Okay my readers here is the second part of the wonderful story :) Hope you in for a ride. Let's get to it.

*Month Later.* (Raylin's POV) "How are we today Kyungsoo?" I came into the room, and sat across from him. He just there quiet and just staring out the window "Kyungsoo?" "I told you before Noona, don't call me that." He said looking back at me. "I'm sorry, D.O., but did I also tell you the same thing?" I said he smirked "yes, yes you did Dr. Lee, but why? are you ashamed that I used to be your little brother?" he said looking back out the window. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding. "D.O.. Do you know why your here?" I asked as I set the recorder on, and had a file open. "Because they said I was sick." He replied "and because I killed my.... Friends" he paused a bit. "Why do you say it like that?" I asked afraid of what he was going to say "they didn't listen none of them did" he said again "listen to what?" I asked. " To my warning" he looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled a little "How was your date with Xiumin huyng?" He asked I looked up and stared at him "how di-" "did I know?... I have my ways Rae" I looked at him, this was scary, I haven't seen him since that first week he was here. "D.O. we'll end it here today." I said standing up and getting my stuff together. "Alright Noona, I'll see you next week" He said and got up when the guards came in. I sat back down and looked at his paperwork, this is crazy how did he... How did he know? I requested that copy of any documents if Kyungsoo had any visitors in the past month, they told me they'll have them ready later in the day. So I took this opportunity to go get some lunch. I went down stairs to the employee break room to get some coffee and to call Xiumin, but something eery made me wonder what Kyungsoo was saying, but what scared me the most was that he didn't seem to care about any of the deaths he could've killed Kai that same day as Tao but he didn't, and what scared me was who and what kind of person he is. "Hello?" I said into my phone "Hey jagiya, when are you getting off work?" Xiumin asked "um, at 6 I have to finish up some paperwork, why what's up?" I asked "oh, Well if you do head over to Sehun and Baekhyun's place." He said I smiled "okay Minnie" he chuckled as we hung up, I wonder why he wanted me to go there. I sat and talked with my fellow colleagues about random stuff then it was time for me to head back to my office. As I was walking back, I still couldn't shake the feeling of what He said, "I always know" he said. "Raelin-ssi" I turned around to see Dr. Kim come up "Hey Jihoo how are you?" I asked l, as I let him into my office "I'm fine thank you, I had a question" he said "yes?" "Did you request visitation lists for one of your patients?" He asked I nodded "Why? Is there something wrong?" I asked "no, but here is the log for Kyungsoo" He said handing me a file. I looked at it, and couldn't believe what it had written in it. Vistor: Kim Jun Myeon "No it couldn't be." I said, "Who is it?" Jihoo asked "It's Suho" I replied. "Uh can I leave early?" I asked he nodded as I left with my keys and bag and ran out to the parking lot. I drove all the was over to Sehun's house, were I seen two other cars there, I parked and went up the stairs. "Noona!" Sehun said and hugged me as he opened the door. "Hey Sehun." I said after he let go and lead me inside "Jagiya, your off early" Xiumin said getting up, "Yea i know, where's Suho?" I asked "In his room" Baekhyun answered "Hey, what's up?" He said coming out. "What are you doing seeing him?" I said sternly everyone was looking at me then to Suho "See who?" He asked, "Don't play dumb Suho." I said again, Xiumin grabbed my hand but I pushed it away "You all know, not to go up there to see Kyungsoo, you guys promised me" I said again, "Rae, I haven't seen him since that court date when we all decided that." He replied, "Then explain this to me!" I said throwing the paperwork I had copies of. "This is a mistake" He said "Yea Rae, He was with us on this day" Lay replied as Chen nodded "And he was with me on this day" Kai replied. "Suho... where's your I.D.?" I asked, He pulled out his wallet "It's right-" He started to say and looked though it, I closed my eyes a took a deep breath "Kyungsoo has someone watching us, your I.D. is gone right" I asked He nodded. Everyone looked at me, "What do you mean?" Kai asked "We had our session today." I said and at this point Xiumin was holding me "Kyungsoo.. I can't see him anymore, this is way to much" I said again "What did he say?" Suho asked "He has his ways, he knew about me and Xiumins date, He said he killed them because..." I started thinking back to Kris, Luhan, and Tao "Because?" Chen tried to get me to finish "They wouldn't listen to him, he said that they were weak" I finished. After that everyone was worried, we all stayed at Sehun's house for a little longer, then we decided to go home, Kai decided to stay, so it was just me and Xiumin heading back to our apartment. Xiumin grabbed my hand while we were driving, "I think you shouldn't see him anymore" He said, "I know, but I want to know why he killed our friends" I said. "I love you Rae" He said to me I smiled at him "I love you to Minseok" I kissed his cheek and looked out my window. That's when I seen it. The bright lights. I closed my eyes waiting for impact, it all happened in slow motion, I felt pain everywhere, then I could faintly hear Xiumin call out my name, I felt myself being dragged out and sat down, "Stay with me Rae" I heard him say again, I couldn't help but close my eyes. (Xiumin's POV) I opened my eyes and realized we were in a hospital, I looked to my left and seen someone setting there, "Hey your awake" I looked to see Suho and Kai walking in with what looks like coffee, "Where's Rae?" I asked getting up, "Hyung I think you should stay and rest" Sehun said standing up "Where is she?!" I started getting angrier. "We- We don't know" (D.O. POV) They just don't understand. This is all just a game. Look at them sitting there, without a care in the world. I'll get you. I'll get all of you. Starting with you Noona.....

A/N Well, I think things are starting to pick up. Tell me what you think? The next chapter is in the works as we speak. Comment+Add Feedback is appreciated:)

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