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I'm not going to lie when I saw naruto and Lee came out I didn't like him lol cause he looked like a funny character like a useless character in other words lol I thought he was going to be all talk and be a clumsy type of character.................... I was freaken dead WRONG LEE shut my mouth lol XD he's such a badass character!!!! I take my hat off for this awesome and amazing ninja!
I fucking love rock lee
@kibitokai uhhh shikamaru did 🐸☕
who said that was my ex tho ? ✋ @simplynick
@kibitokai your ex speakin' pure wisdom.
his passion gets me in the feels hard everytime. dude is a fighter in every aspect, he has to work so much harder to just be in the same league as everyone else, he's one of my favorite Naruto characters, his relationship with Guy, how he speaks and views the world, his Nindo, *tears and turns away* got dammit...