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I don't know why I'm writing about this trailer. So instead of saying things like "I'm so excited" and "bummer, another delay", I'm going to hit you with some bullet points about my feelings.
-- Who is excited for this game?
-- Does anyone care about the delay.
-- But I really like that I can put stickers over the eye parts of the gas masks...
-- Man there are a lot of gas masks.
-- One time I wore a gas mask from World War I. It fit perfectly.
-- Maybe in a past life I fought in WWI and wore that exact mask.
-- Maybe I should buy a gas mask.
-- But I have pretty bad breath, I wouldn't want to smell that.
-- How would I eat?
-- Do Umbrella Corps employees eat?
-- I'm hungry.
You can check out the new customization trailer above. And the game's been delayed til June when it was originally planned to release in May. There are reasons for this. But I can't fake it and care enough to write about why.
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I haven't seen customization like that since APB Reloaded. Also that definitely looks like a game I want to know more about and thanks, because I didn't even know this game existed until I saw this.