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Ch. 2
The next day Jungkook wakes up early and finds Jimin in the kitchen making some toast. Jungkook was worried at first on how to interact with Jimin after his confession the day before and the rejection.
“Oh, good morning hyung, how are you?” Jungkook says with a little head bow. Jimin looks up from his toast and smiles.
“I’m good thanks. You hungry want some toast?” Jimin asks. Jungkook shakes his head no and gets a glass of juice. “You know you should eat something breakfast is the important meal of the day and you’re a growing boy.” Jimin says.
“I know hyung, I’ll eat after I wake up a little more.” Jungkook replies, at that moment J-hope comes around the corner, bumping into Jimin as Jimin is walking out of the kitchen with his toast.
“Oh shit, sorry I’m still half asleep.” J-hope says as he rubs his eyes. Jimin looks like he’s going to hit J-hope for making him drop his toast, but he just pats J-hope on the chest.
“It’s alright hyung, get some breakfast.” Jimin smiles and walks past J-hope back to his room. Once in his room, he lets out a deep breath he didn’t realize he was holding.
“Hey why are you so loud, it’s still dark man. Come back to bed.” Suga says as he grabs Jimin’s wrist and pulls him to the bed. Jimin had a shocked expression on his face. After a minute of lying next to Suga, Suga had wrapped his arms around Jimin and it was hard for him to escape. Jimin was looking at his sleeping hyung. Suga can look so peaceful when he sleeps.
“Jimin-ah, may I kiss you?” Suga asks. Jimin doesn’t know what to say because Suga’s asleep. Suga moves forward and gives Jimin a peck on the lips. Suga pulls back and has a smile on his face. “You’re so cute, I love you Jimin-ah.” Jimin’s eyes grow wide with shock. “Was that a confession?” Jimin thought to himself. “No way, he’s sleep talking.” Jimin thought. Suga slowly opens his eyes, when he realizes Jimin is really in front of him, with a shocked expression on his face Suga’s eyes grow wide quickly.
“Jimin! What are you doing here?” Suga yells as he shoves Jimin off the bed and sits up. Jimin falls on his ass on the floor. “Oh shit, you okay I didn’t mean to push you off like that.” Suga said.
Jimin gets up from the floor and rubs his ass. “It’s okay hyung, you’re half asleep and grabbed me and pulled me onto your bed.” Jimin winks at Suga. Suga rubs his neck, embarrassed by his actions. Jimin just laughs, Suga acts like he has a lot of swag, but he can get embarrassed easily. Jimin moves to his bed and watches as Suga moves around getting things ready for his day. As Jimin watches his hyung he touches his lips, he was replaying Suga’s morning kiss. Jimin was surprised at how his heart fluttered when he remembered it. Before he knew it Suga wasn’t in the room anymore.
“He left already, did he even say he was leaving?” Jimin said quietly. Jimin lays down on his bed and closes his eyes for just a moment. “He’ll wake me up if I fall back asleep.” Jimin thought. Jimin didn’t plan on falling back to sleep, but he got up early and he was waiting for everyone else so he felt he could take this opportunity to relax.
Suga comes back from the shower, dressed and see’s Jimin asleep on his bed. Suga couldn’t believe he actually kissed Jimin. Suga was glad he played being sleepy off well, so Jimin thought he was sleep talking. But as Suga looked at the sleeping Jimin he so wanted to kiss him again. Although he wanted to do it, he refrained himself because he didn’t know how he could explain it.
“Hey, Jimin wake up.” Suga lays on top of Jimin and starts bouncing on him. Jimin groans and moans trying to slap Suga away but failing only to have Suga fall closer to Jimin and their lips touch. Jimin’s eyes shoot open and Suga’s eyes are wide.
Suga jumps off Jimin quickly. “Dude, I was just giving you a wake-up call. You moved in the wrong direction.” Suga explains nervously. Jimin sits up and scratches his head and running his hand threw his hair.
“Are you sure hyung? You sure you didn’t want to kiss me?” Jimin asks Suga as he stands up and moves closer to Suga. Suga looks at him and scoffs.
“What are you talking about? Me? Kiss you on purpose? Ha-ha don’t make me laugh.” Suga clears his throat and looks away.
Suga clears his throat again,“We need to get going.” Suga says as he turns away from Jimin and opens the door. Jimin smirks he likes teasing and the look on Suga’s face was priceless. Jimin felt his heart flutter again at the thought of Suga. Jimin places his hand on his chest and takes a couple deep breaths before moving on and heading out of the room into the kitchen to eat breakfast with his members.
Suga had already found a place to sit at the table, and Jimin choose to sit next to him. Jin came in with the final dish of food and sat down next to Namjoon. Breakfast was normal, except for the fact Jimin and Suga kept acting odd. J-hope noticed the change in their behavior and he wasn’t the only one Jungkook noticed to. At one point Jimin and Suga’s hands touched and even though Suga acted though it didn’t affect him, deep down it did, he wanted to grab and hold Jimin’s hand.
The boys played rock, paper, scissors to determine who had dish duty. Suga and Jimin lost, they quickly did the dishes and made it out to the van. The only seats left were the ones in the back so Suga and Jimin had to sit together. Jimin sat by the window he put his head phones in and looked out the window. Suga just closed his eyes if he can sneak in a nap he’ll take it.