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Hey Nakama!

We've seen 8 days of the Nakama Campfire Challenge now, which means we're now in the latter half of the challenge! This card is just to serve as a reminder for everyone about the challenge and the giveaways.
Remember to do every card in the NC! Then you'll be eligible for the random drawing!

Tagging folks who've done them so far, keep up the awesomeness!

If I'm missing you in this tag list please comment! I don't want to accidentally look over someone.
@OtakuDemon10 lmao so many anime!!! SO LITTLE TIME
@AshChrimson I think Saint Seyia is on my list to get to eventually, but I'll have to add the others!
@szewwy There's a link to the original card with the first 7 in this card. I think we gotta wait for the last 7 to be announced as we go. Is that right, @InVinsybll ?
Yay! This is so much fun! fyi, I think you missed my day 7 card. You should easily be able to find it in my profile, or at the end of today's card, which I just posted!
I'm in
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