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I'm not really the sports type. The only sport I watch is basketball and there's enough Steph Curry in real life -- and in video games -- to show us how superheroes would play the sport. But we don't get enough of that in baseball (probably, like I just said, I don't watch any other sport).
But the notoriously buggy MLB The Show game for PS4 gives us the perfect glimpse into what the sport would be if there happened to be a teleporting player.
And unfortunately, it's not that cool. I mean, sure it's cool, yeah, great for whoever was playing this game and trying to win. But it seems like it'd be a little bit too easy. And not that teleportation isn't awesome or anything like that. But if you could teleport all around the place wouldn't you, well, do something a whole lot cooler.
Maybe you'd rob banks and stuff. Or maybe you'd just never move a muscle for the rest of your life except that one muscle you have to clench in order to actually teleport (it's your butt muscle). But the opportunities are endless when it comes to super powers. Why would you continue to play baseball to make the rest of us dumb dumbs without powers feel like idiots?
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Haha wtf.....I was gonna get it but after that....I changed my mind