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Hello, everyone! I just want to say...


In the past few days, I've seen a lot of new faces, and I'd thought it would be cool to briefly introduce myself and give you a warm welcome:
My name is Aly and I am the moderator for the Latino Culture community. This is actually me second quarter as a moderator for the community. A few random facts about me is that I am Afro-Latina, I like food A LOT, and I like to lift weights.
If you're new, welcome! Write cards, talk to each other, be active!

Community Rules:

Hey dudes, so the community is pretty laid-back. There aren't that many rules. And all of you do a really great job at keeping the community pretty damn awesome. Buuuuuuut I'll just lay out some things just in case.
1) Post cards that are relevant to the Latino Culture. That can be anything from the food, music, celebrities, jokes, language, values, activities, beliefs, ect.
BONUS: You can also cross-publish to other communities if it's relevant!
2) Be respectful. Fights and bullying are pretty stupiddd. Keep it cool and fun. Differences in opinions are TOTALLY OKAY, just express them in a way that's not hurtful.
3) HAAVEEEE FUN. This is the most important rule...EVER. Like, seriously, have fun. It's a community, not a science project. Comment, browse, create, AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS!
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