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Hey guys! In celebration of the upcoming NFL draft, I will begin crafting NFL Mock Draft cards for the first round.
This will basically simulate who I think each team will take in the 1st round and why.
First up, The Tennessee Titans.
Tennessee, you are on the clock!
With the first pick in the 2016 draft, the Tennessee Titans select: Larry Tunsil, Ole Miss.
His strengths: Has the elite foot quickness of a high­-end NFL tackle and his base remains balanced and uncompromised throughout his pass reps.
Weakness: Failed to start and play in every game in any of his three seasons. Missed bowl game in 2013 due to knee injury, two games in 2014 due to partially torn bicep and seven games in 2015 due to receiving impermissible benefits.
Tunsil's major issue is his inability to stay on the field due to health or off-field issues. From a skills standpoint, his is probably the best lineman on the board. In a league where pass rushers terrify and dominate games, having an offensive lineman with good feet that can pass block is CRITICAL. Tunsil is that guy.
Keeping Mariota safe on 3rd down is key to his success and growth as a quarterback. The team added an elite running back in Demarco Murray via trade. This is the right move to keep them heading in the right direction.

What do you think? Should the Titans go with an offensive lineman with the 1st overall pick?

I think now that they have a QB they can start building around him. This should be a good pic for them
Yesss that would be awesome of the team