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The one's that I truly felt sad for were Jiraiya, Hues, and Kamina from gurren laggan.
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Ace's death was probably the only time I've legitimately cried during an anime. I teared up when L died, when they burned the Merry, watched through all the sick shit that happened to Naruto, and everything else. But I can honestly say that I had big girl tears with this one. And I don't think it was Ace's death, I think it was Luffy's reaction to it. The way he screamed his brother's name just made me break down. The end.
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I still tear up when I think of Maes Hughes
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you can't ask that...all of them impacted our lives...we can't choose's just not fair😭😭😭....but if you put a gun to my head I would choose Acxe😢😢
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ace itachi's jariya
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