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The couple who has been together literally since the beginning without knowing it!! Luffy And Nami!! I can dig that, no matter what kinda trouble Nami gets into Luffy will always come to her rescue and save her, while giving the villain a beat down gum gum style!! Haha! They do look darn good together I have to say. So happy like a Friday should be!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!!
too bad there's like little to no romance in one piece so there'll be like no development there except like probs at the end, then there's sanji' dead end love stories
@Shazangarang yeah I wish there was a little that isn't 1 sided like with boa but it helps keep it super adventure and serious yet joking in a lot of ways. But if there were just a few ships which there are but they aren't very noticeable kinda underground but maybe it'll change as it gets further. But a little more romance style would be cool and a change for sure!!