3 years ago100+ Views I am pretty bored and the weather in LA right now is perfect to go somewhere different!!! I love rainy weather and always make an excuse to go out! So today I am going for the very first time to........Korea Town!!!!! Yes I live in LA but never thought to go there..... So yeah anyone who lives here and is not busy why not we meet?!? I love my Vingle family and if there is a chance to meet some of you in person....well that's just amazing!!!!! Lets have fun! This will be my little tour so I will be around.....and even though I may LOOK unapproachable don't worry I am super friendly (albeit a bit shy)!!!. Hopefully there will be someone and if there isn't dont worry I usually travel alone so it doesn't bug me! Ahh I will be wearing my bts Jimin sweater but....I think you will only be able to see the Bts logo on the side of the arms because I will be wearing my Shadowhunter jacket over it (to keep warm) I am stating for a few hours (dont know how long) heh Bye Gummyz!!!
Have fun!!!! I wish I was in LA to join you!! That place looks amazing!!
I'm a Gummyz! yay!! I wish I lived in LA so I also go touring in Korean Town. Maybe one day I'll take a vacation there. 😊
Awww i wish i could go but i don't live in LA but have fun! πŸ’“πŸ’•