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@Defy24601 @EmmaJolie its okay they came to dallas july 18 2015 which is where i live and i couldnt make it and still cant get over it 馃槩
@Defy24601 i know right! omg but at least we get some kpop people coming through lately. a ton of groups have been coming here to dallas the last year or two (bts,got7 and vixx and here recently exo and teen top). i was bummed to miss exo and vixx as theyre in my top 5 but to miss got7 and bts was a whole different thing to me
@MirandaStephens Dallas would be a great place to live by to see K-Pop groups, so that is pretty lucky! But I am so bummed that I will not be seeing GOT7 too! 馃槶 I will fight to go when BTS comes again though! I NEED to at least see them at some point. The US is such a rough place to live as a K-Pop fan!
@Defy24601 dallas is only like 1hr away. it wasnt a kpop venue but they still came. it gonna happen again cuz got7 whos my second favorite group is coming in july as well and i cant go 馃槩
@Defy24601 yeah i really hope so too!
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