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A team we all can believe in.

Seriously, I wish this show had gone on for more seasons. All of the characters were well-developed and sympathetic. They all had development. It has a perfect balance of seriousness and humor. Why can't everything be this good!?
Song: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
Vidder: teen-titans-jc
Spoilers: Yes!!! Through season 3.
@shannonl5 if everything was as good as this then we wouldn't have any rare gems such as the teen titans
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That video is so cool!!! Love Teen Titans so much.
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@jevonlowery ugh I suppose that's the case XD @MarvelTrashcan same! I'm probably gonna rewatch the series soon
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@shannonl5 I want to rewatch it too. Tell me where I can watch it without having to disable Adblock Plus.
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