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You wake up to the sound of a loud breeze through your window, You get up with a yawn thorugh your mouth. You slowly walk towards your closet to pick an appealing outfit. You just threw on some jeans and a plain red T-Shirt with white vans. You grabbed your backpack as you walked outside to feel the wind flowing through your hair.
You put in your headphones as you start to walk to the bus stop. You wait there for at least 5 minutes til the bus arrives. As you wait for the door to open, You see Jimin waving out through the window with a childish smile. You walk into the bus as you felt something squish against you. It was just a classmate of yours. Jimin tries not to say anything as he fiddles with his fingers. You sit in the far back all by yourself til he approaches you. He sits down next to you by not too close. You tried to hold his hand but he refuses too.
"Jimin~" You whined, "What is wrong?"
He hesitates his answer as he rolls his eyes towards the foggy window. He ignores your question as you hit his arm. He tries not to scream in pain as he rubs his forearm.
"Oppa~I'm talking to you! What is wrong?! Tell me!" You demanded heavily.
"Nothing. Leave me alone." He muttered uner his breath.
You frowned the rest of the way to school. Soon you've arrived to see a group of boys whispering to each other as they look at you with devilish eyes. You walk past by them as one whispered to another, "Isn't she the one who was 'doing it' with Jimin last night?"
You immediately turn around in utterous shock.
"What did you just say?" You asked him friviously.
"Oh-Nothing..." He stuttered.
You ignore his ignorance as you walk towards your math class. You got to see Jimin standing from across the hall. You walked towards him as he has his head down.
You instantly slapped the back of his head, Only giving him a mild thud.
He rubs his head in embarrassment as you start to scold him,
"What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"What do you mean?" He asked in a low toned voice.
"First you ignore my question on the bus, Then a boy asks if I was 'doing it' with you last night?!"
"Wait what?!" He asked in suprise, Which made you suprised but angry aat the same time.
"You accused me of 'doing it' with you! I thought I could trust you with my feelings, You know how I much I really like you. It just seems like you don't want to be seen with me."
You start to tear up as you head away.
You felt tired and depressed. Your hand suddenly drew out his name with hearts surrounding it. You crossed out his name many times as you try not to cry in class.
As everyone else is doing independent practice, The teacher notices you holding back the tears. In dead silence, She pats your back as she points to the door. You run out into the bathroom, Into the stall, Lock it, And sat down on your knees as you burst into tears.
You had many, many thoughts in mind but nothing like this before,
'Why did I ever like a boy like him? How come he doesn't want to be seen with me? Am I not good enough for him? Should I just break up with him?'
As you washed the tears away, You heard a sudden cry from the hall,
"Angel~Angel~Angel~" A voice yelled out loudly. You peak through the corner to see Jimin looking at you. He runs into the bathroom to hug you. You push him away as you try to walk to class. He backhugs you as he whispers, "Let's ditch class."
You try to let go of him as he stumbles around you. You felt worry in your mind as he takes your hand, And drags you into the office. He walks in with you in hand as he greets everyone politely. He looks at a lady asking him, "Need help with something son?"
He hesitates, "Uh Yeah, My friend, (Y/N) doesn't feel well and she wanted to me to take her home."
"Alright just hold on." She says walking away. Jimin looks at you with a serious look,
"Look Baby, I don't know why you were crying, But we'll talk about it later. I'm gonna get your backpack just wait here."
I run outside to see her class from across campus. I ran as fast as I could to the class. I open the door steadily to see all eyes on me. I told her math teacher, Miss Torres,
"Uh- (Y/N) doesn't feel very well and she sent me to get her things."
"Alright Jimmy go on." She instances. I correct her in the most kindest way I could say,
"Miss, It's Jimin. Not Jimmy."
"Don't get smart with me boy! You'll regret it later in life." She scolds.
I just ignore her as I grab (Y/N)'s backpack, Then leave. I walk into the office to see her standing there with her head down. I lift up her chin as she looks into my eyes.
Her beautiful eyes were so red, filled with tears of sadness, I could tell she was falling apart on the inside. The lady comes back as she hands me the slip. I take (Y/N) outside as I wipe away her tears. "What's wrong Angel?" I asked her.
She just bursts into tears as I hug her tightly. I try to calm her down by rubbing her head into my chest. I walk her around town as I see the same yogurt place we were at last night. I felt my heart jump out of my throat as I asked her,
"Do you want some frozen yogurt?"
"S-Su-Sure Oppa." She stutters. I carefully check to see if Zander was working today.
Luckily, He was not. I walk her inside and sat her down as I thought of the flavor she had last night, Birthday cake.
I kiss her forehead before walking towards the register. This time it was a different employee, Her name was Emilia. I try not to seem like I'm flirting as I try to resist not to fix my hair.
"May I help you?" She kindly asks.
"Um Yes, May I have a birthday cake flavored yogurt for 2 please?"
"Will that be it?"
She rings the information into the register as she keeps looking up at me with flirty eyes. I blush slightly in thought. I could imagine (Y/N) beating Emilia up for just even breathing the same air as me. I stand there awkwarly as I wait for her dessert to deliver.
She rings the bell to hand it to me. I smiled at her as I gave her $3.20 and walked off. I gave her the yogurt as I eat mine. She claps her hands in joy as she shines out her pretty smile.
As we ate together, I hear the door open so slowly it creaked, Making me felt cringeworthy. I turned around to see Zander walk in. I immediately turn around to avoid sudden eye contact.
"(Y/N)" I whispered to her quietly, "That Zander guy is here."
She looks up to see him walking towards her with pride.
"Hey (Y/N)...Jimin..." He rolls his eyes rudely.
"Zander...." I ruded back. He chuckles as he looks into her eyes,
"So..Do you feel better?" He asked her caringly.
"Oh-U-Uh Umm, Yeah." She stutters. He smiles as he pats her back. He walks away as he ties his apron back. She gets up to throw anyway her cup as she eyes mine, Which was empty.
"You done Oppa?"
I smile back at her as I nod yes. She takes it and throws it away. She wraps her arm around me as we walk towards the park. As we have our times talking to each other, I stopped her in front of a clear and lively pond.
"Hey Um...Sorry to intrude into your personal thoughts but...Why were you crying back there?"
She ignores my question as she starts to pull on the collar of my shirt, Bending me towards her. She presses her lips against mine with such passion, That it gave me so many butterflies you have no idea. Her hands slide into my shirt as she coresses my stomache, Feeling my abs.
I pull away as I take her hands. She frowns a bit before sighing. I wanted her to care for her explanation but she didn't bother. I lift up her chin as she explains to me,
"This morning, When we were in the bus, The way you hesitated at me made me feel like you didn't want to be seen with me, Or to even be with me. I thought you were just using me for granted."
I take her hand and pull her into my arms. I kiss her repeatingly on her face before telling her, "Angel~You are so much more than that. I l-lo--lo.."
"Say it!" She interupted brightly.
"I Love You...I love you (Y/N)."
She smiles as she hugs me tightly. She cries in happiness whispering to me,
"I have been waiting forever to hear those very words come from you."

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