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I seriously love romance and drama animes. They always get me crying and so heartbreaking sometimes yet so fulfilling and always make me so happy and full of love!! I can't get enough. I could spend weeks/months/ even years watching them because I just love them so much!! Romance love!! Anime is life!!
@Karina19 Golden Time, Clannad, Kimi Ni Todoke, Plastic Memories, Toradora, Ao Haru Ride, and Maid Sama. These are all really good! hope you like them.
Same it's all Maid Sama's and Your Lie in April's fault for getting me hooked to those genres
@Alcides13 xD I got a PS4. I use it to stream crunchyroll and funimation
Soft side, I think it's the true passionate side of the fact we can understand each other and express our feelings that sometimes we hide or are hard to show bc we don't know how others will think of us. It's true understanding of feelings and I love it!! Never let a moment slip by!!
try watching kimi ni todoke
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